Michael John Heagerty

Let’s Roll

They say people who bike are some of the happiest around. So what happens when you put 10 of them together on a one-of-a-kind super bike to explore the streets of the Salt City? You get a tour unlike any other. One where your friends, family and colleagues enjoy miles upon miles of smiles. The Yellow Fellow provides a unique journey where you provide the power—all while experiencing Syracuse through scenic tours, public art tours, scavenger hunts, shopping tours, photography tours, morning mobile spin classes and more. 

It’s hard to miss the safety yellow, pedal powered trolley coming down the streets.  We like to pedal what we preach, that’s why this tourcycle is customizable to fit your mobile needs! We actively partner with local businesses and non-profits interested in bike safety, the environment, and fun! 

So when you see us rolling by on our pedal-propelled pub toting tourists and revelers on bar-hopping and historic excursions greet us with a wave and Wahooo! 


Yellow Fellow SPOKEN tours

Limited to 10 seats Reserve 48 hours or more in advance Weekday tours: $40 per person 3 stops at local pubs with food & drink specials. 

Yellow Fellow Private Tours

10 peddler Reserve 48 or more hours in advance. Available Thursday – Sunday. $500 to privatize the BYF comes with guide & driver.

We Bring Our Wheels To You

Have an interesting event that our pedal pub should roll at? Get after us and let’s work out the deets. Drop us a line with your requests. 

Submit Your Tour

We are always willing to adapt to your needs. So hit us up with your ideas for ways to mobilize your party.



Pokemon GO Safaris

We’ve teamed up with TCGplayer.com and Syracuse Nerd to bring you the official Syracuse Pokemon GO Safaris. Join us as we roll through the streets peddling our way to rare Pokemon! There will be cosplayers (when available) and guides onboard to help you on the hunt as well as water and snacks!

We start at The Evergreen in Hanover Square!

Let us help you…

Catch them All
Chicken Kickin' Rides

Football season is here, so get your squad together, throw on your favorite jersey and let’s roll out on a chicken kickin’ wing ride! With stops at four locations to chomp on wings and enjoy some cold ones. We can even toss the pigskin around and pump some jock jams through our sound system!

Hot Route

Experience brew rides on the BYF!  Who doesn’t want to combine a pedal and a pint? We provide participants with an insider’s look into three different Syracuse breweries and how they craft their celebrated brews. Perfect for beginners, connoisseurs, home brewers, hopheads and everyone in between. We’ll provide a safe and comfortable way to experience locally crafted beers with a guided tour!

Take Flight


Frist thing’s first. We’ll need to approve your route as The BIG Yellow Fellow can only go up very small hills (seriously though.) Then, there is a custom start fee of $100 plus $3/per mile round trip from our garage to your starting location and back, along with a minimum rental fee. If that’s OK with you, give us a call we’d love to come liven up your event –  315.546.4919

Our Crew

Michael John
Michael John

Guide & Tapster

The unofficial ambassador of Syracuse, Michael is part urban explorer, part amateur historian and the total driving force behind the Yellow Fellow. 

Michael has made a legacy for Syracuse by selflessly promoting the hidden wonders of the city. His custom tours explore local history, architecture, food, hotspots, and legends around Onondaga County.

He also enjoys connecting people, showcasing the region, live music and potatoes. He is the social coordinator of commonspace, a new way of living, working and making human connections downtown.

Michael G
Michael G

Captain & Maker

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Michael moved to Syracuse to attend the Masters of Fine Arts program in Sculpture at Syracuse University. Since graduating, he uses his talents as an artist and fabricator.

Michael also founded the Syracuse Arts Learning & Technology (SALT) Makerspace, a community access 3D prototyping Facility located in Downtown Syracuse.

When he’s not helping young designers, inventors and artists make their creations become reality, Michael is an adjunct Professor at Syracuse University, a working Public Artist, Freelance fabricator, and one heck of a driver!


Local musician music series

The BIG yellow fellow has got an opportunity for #local live musicians to perform onboard.
We’re calling it #mobilemixtapes

Musicians will perform onboard, be recorded live as we roll around the streets of Syracuse. It then becomes a archive or local tunes and the stories behind them. Who’s in?

Join Da Crew
Join Da Crew

Work for us!

You think you’ve got the right set of skills to join our crew? Do you have a closet full of yellow that you’ve been dying to bust out? Send us your details, resume and references – we could always use a few more, guides, tapsters and drivers!

Advertising opportunities

Putting your ad on a Yellow Fellow, means associating your company with everything that’s great about Syracuse. And, you’ll get tons of impressions. Your advertisements will roll past numerous historic buildings downtown, vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists and local shops and eateries—even during events and festivals.

Fill out the information below to see if the Yellow Fellow is right for your business.